Story of a “Technical Trainer” turned “A Proud Sourcer”!!

Let me start with a story because I heard that from story you can understand/learn easily (that what I have been told)¬†ūüėČ

My father always dreamed of seeing me as a ‚ÄúSoftware Engineer‚ÄĚ. I would rather be specific here, actually, he wants me to crack IIT¬†ūüôā¬†Sounds familiar? I guess at that time almost everyone‚Äôs father wanted their children to be either Doctor or IIT Engineer (Although now situation changes now father wants their kid to be a Government Employee :). So finally I also started dreaming to be Engineer (A Software Engineer)‚ĶWhile completing my 12th¬†in Delhi I have joined a coaching institute for preparing for IIT, AIEEE and DCE exams‚Ķ.After few days I realized IIT is not my cup of tea so I focused on AIEEE exams rather.. Somehow I managed to score something which I don‚Äôt want to flash here¬†ūüôā¬†‚Ķ However, I got call letter from one of the engineering college of Dehradun, India for counseling‚Ķ Started thinking myself an engineer, in my dreams of course. Attended counseling finally, keeping my dream alive in a beautiful place around college in Dehradun. After waiting long hours finally my turn came up‚ĶI was in the queue and 3 people were ahead of me‚ĶThen I heard from college staff that Software Engineering/Computer Science stream filled with those ahead 3 people. When my turn came they said they filled all the stream, only ‚ÄúIndustrial Production‚ÄĚ stream is left which I have never heard before‚Ķ That‚Äôs not the stream which I have dreamed for. I had to step back. My heart broke, which is bit obvious. I came back to Delhi with broken heart leaving behind beautiful valley and beautiful college where I became an engineer in few days in my dreams. I was totally blanked for few days.. What to do next, what not to do next, what do I tell my father many questions like these haunting my head. But I had to get out from this massive situation‚ĶI guess many of us felt like this before. After few days someone suggested me about NIIT.I also saw a newspaper ad about NIIT offering diploma course in Software Engineering and as well as Bachelor Program in Information Technology. So I went ahead with NIIT for fulfilling my dream. Never thought that NIIT will change my life so much‚ĶI have started enjoying my course‚ĶDuring last days of my BSc (IT), I got an opportunity from NIIT to teach their new students in a different center of NIIT. Well did I say I got my first job as Teacher? Yes finally started my career, well there is one similarity with my father here‚Ķ He also started his career as a Teacher, although he has opted a legal profession and leaving happily after with no regrets. After serving as a trainer at NIIT for 2 years I have got good knowledge/understanding on Technical stuff. I also started liking to talk people, students and guiding them on their career. As I have a good understanding of technical language like.Net/Java/SQL and other kinds of stuff, I thought I can start my career ahead in Human Resource, utilize my earned skills and can do well. I got the opportunity to work as Recruiter in a staffing company named ‚ÄúAPN Software‚ÄĚ and started liking my job so much and decided to move ahead in this industry. After working around 2 years with this company I got the opportunity to work with¬†Sapient in a sourcing profile‚ĶI got the chance to work with so many talented people under the one roof in India and outside India at Sapient. They have always been a source of motivation. In the past 4 years, I have not just learned a lot about sourcing/hiring, but also learned about professionalism, confidence and building relationships. Big Thanks to Sapient for giving me the opportunity to work with great minds around me globally.

Moral of the Story :

Now, these days we have so many tools which impacted drastically in our sourcing life. In my opinion, sourcing is all about the basics. Building a relationship/trust with the candidate is the basic thing which I am talking about and we need to stick with that. Remember one thing, you are as good as your reputation. You will be successful when you will be an effective and trustworthy HR professionals, so be it!

So you people must be thinking why I have shared my story with you‚ĶOnly thing I wanted to emphasize here is about ‚ÄúFlexibility‚ÄĚ. You have to be flexible, things may come up that are not part of your plan, so you will have to adjust or adapt to the situation. It may be a skill you can add to your plate and can be used later. So realize you have a new passion every time. Just love what you do and have fun!! Now I hope you people can relate my story to it‚Ķ

That’s my story, what about yours?? Please share your valuable comments!!


(A Proud Sourcer in This Beautiful Planet called Earth ūüôā )


Lippl- An exciting tool!!

Hello Everyone,

I hope every one heard about Lippl,If not then please see webinar given by¬†my friend¬†Sandeep Singh on Sourcing Adda ( This will surely help us in¬†finding our 3rd degree/Out of network connection names on Linkedin (Those who don’t have premium accounts)

One more feature from Lippl can help us drastically when it comes to finding email address(Especially for Facebook) and contacting them.I know we had debate around the Privacy of Facebook users.

As my earlier blog i have shared with you all that we can email any Facebook users on their personal email id directly.Please check this link how we can do that (

Lippl gives you exact email address(for any¬†Facebook Users),using that email address you can email candidate. (Outlook doesn’t works,please use Gmail for best results).The mail will be sent on their personal address which they have used in creating their Facebook profile.

So don’t worry we are not sending email on their Facebook Inbox…We are going an extra mile to reach out candidates.Sending mail directly to their personal email address.


Let me know if you have any question!



(Twiiter: @niteshnishu)

OneTab an interesting Google Chrome Plugin!!

OneTab is a chrome plugin that closes all your tabs and puts them in a nice list under one tab.

Whenever you find yourself with too many tabs, click the OneTab icon to convert all of your tabs into a list. When you need to access the tabs again, you can either restore them individually or all at once.

When your tabs are in the OneTab list, you will save up to 95% of memory because you will have reduced the number of tabs open in Google Chrome.

Know more about OneTab :

Happy Sourcing!!


Do you know we can Email Anyone with a Facebook Profile?


, ,


We always have debate on LinkedIn and Facebook..And I would surely¬†consider LinkedIn for business/professional network and Facebook for personal space with the exception of some business-related groups, pages, and some professional connections who are also friends….We are quite comfortable sending emails on LinkedIn network but are we comfortable in sending message to Facebook¬†network? The answer is NO. Many people doesn’t want any job related message¬†on their Facebook profile as this place consider for their friends and family..So what we can do without disturbing their personal space? So here is one option to send message directly¬†to their email address ¬†which registered with their Facebook profile¬†…Please see below the steps…It’s really working.

How to Send an Email to a Facebook User

You simply send it to the¬†@facebook¬†address and¬†it’s forwarded to the email address that is registered with the account.¬†That’s it!

The first time that forwarding happens, the user will also receive a reminder about the @facebook email.

The @facebook email can be disabled in the preferences, in which case this technique will not work, but I imagine that very few people will do that. The majority of users never touch their default preferences.

How to Find a Facebook User’s¬† Email Address

When you look at a user’s profile, it will either have a custom URL


– in which case the email is going to be <the-custom-part>@ (for the example above it’s –

or, in case the custom URL was never set, it will look like this: <ID here>


– in which case the email is going to be <ID>@ (for the example above it’s¬†

Reference Taken: by Irina Shamaeva

Happy Sourcing!!

Free Google Chrome Tool: Email Extractor!!

Powerful Extension To Extract E-Mail ID’s Automatically From Web Pages. It simply tells us if the page I am on has any email addresses on it and then finds them for us

This tool works on any page in any social network. It’s also possible to export the results to a text file or cut and paste them.

Just add this exciting tool from Google Chrome Extension wizard..

Email Extractor:

For Demo:

Happy Sourcing!!

Nitesh ūüôā

Completed 1 year with Sapient(Technically speaking) !!

Today I have completed 1 year with Sapient technically (Although I have completed more than 3 Years, including contractual tenure). .I got chance to work with so many talented people under the one roof in India and outside India. They have always been a source of motivation. In the past 3.5 years, I have not just learned a lot about sourcing/hiring, but also learned about professionalism, confidence and building relationships. Big Thanks to Sapient for giving me opportunity to work with great minds around me globally. Feeling great and happy to be a part of SapientNitro.

Connect with Connect6¬į!!



Hi All,

I came across this exciting tool which we can use in our daily sourcing life(I have already started).Let’s make this Wednesday a learning day ūüôā Here you go!!

Connect6¬į is actually two services in one: PeopleDiscovery and PeopleSearch. PeopleDiscovery is a browser extension, currently available for Chrome, and PeopleSearch is a search engine to help you find business prospects and job candidates, based on keywords embedded within their social profiles.

Although some of us already using tools like 360 Degree and Vibe, which is almost similar to Connect6¬į. But Connect6¬į¬†is much upgraded version with much more added functionality like asking for contact information which is great (still figuring out the outcome). This tool gives better result on Linkedin, Twitter and Gmail.

Download from Google Chrome Web store using below link

NOTE: After you download PeopleDiscovery, you may need to refresh your browser to activate the Connect6¬į hover beacons. Once activated you should see small six degree icons (6¬į) appear next to unique identifiers (e.g., Twitter handles, email addresses) on most web pages. Just hover over the icons and the person’s profile appears in a sidebar to the right of your screen.

We can also use their search engine using below link, by registering yourself .Boolean search will also work in this. That’s really nice.

It’s time to hover and discover. Feel free to reach out for more information.



Tools by Shane McCusker!!

Hey Guys,

I am not sure if you guys are using Tools by Shane or not. But i would encourage everyone to use it.I found it very cool and interesting..It runs on Google Chrome, you just need to drag his link to the bookmark and work will be done(For his link please see below link).I am using it from long so thought of sharing on this forum.

3 Cool Linkedin Tools for Recruiters

What’s the benefit we are getting?

Highlight¬†any text on a web page and then search LinkedIn, Twitter,¬†Facebook, Google Plus or YouTube at the same time by just clicking Shane tools which available on the bookmark.It work’s guys..So go and use this exciting tool and get benefited like me ūüôā

Have a great weekend guys…



P.S: I am not responsible if this tool doesn’t work on your browser,may be technical error. However i am sure this will work. ūüėČ

Apps for Sourcers/Recruiters

Hi All,

It’s time to get social, for that we need some easy tools afcourse .So here are some tools to get social with your candidates…

Some Google Chrome apps ¬†that makes our sourcing life easier. It‚Äôs good to know your sourced profile, how/what they are doing on social media platform. We may try to connect with them. Who knows this little effort make your candidate interested. I have started using it. Although we have many apps available like¬†Lippl,‚ÄúShanes Tools‚ÄĚ,¬†Connectifier¬†(Which is not mentioned in this below link).Below link talks about¬†‚Äú360social‚ÄĚ,¬†Vibe¬†and¬†‚ÄúWhoWorks.At‚ÄĚ

I would call these as new mode of connect with the candidates in a single platform.

I hope this will help us in some extent.All the best !!

Cheers and happy sourcing!!


Let’s meet with Meetup!!


Searching through Jobboards and Linkedin! Bored? Let’s talk about some hidden facts and new tool to find candidates.


I guess you people heard about Hidden Linkedin profiles? No, okay I will tell you what it is:


Sometimes you may experience that some profiles on Linkedin comes which you never saw even after searching title wise. Well I have experienced so many times and have many examples with me.


You can experience the same through a Search site ‚ÄĚ‚ÄĚ : This is the site where you can find or create any groups related to any skills, from there you can look for ¬†members on any particular group.


So for example – this is just one of the NYC groups related to the UX community >>>


Click on “all members” and you will see 192 – it can be time consuming cross referencing the names, but it’s worth it to me if I find two or three solid candidates.



Now how to find all the Linkedin profiles on Google that includes hidden profiles and that too give more refiner results?


Use this link to find all the Linkedin profiles via custom search ‚ÄĚ‚ÄĚ


For example- Looking for Java Developer in London so search would be just site: ‚ÄúJava Developer‚ÄĚ London in the search section. This will show up all the Linkedin profiles. Click and see



You can also search widely putting ‚ÄúJava Developer‚ÄĚ London in the search section. Data will be fetch from Linkedin/Twitter/Meetup. Click and see


I agreed on the fact that this is bit time consuming but believe me it’s worth to try once..