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We always have debate on LinkedIn and Facebook..And I would surely consider LinkedIn for business/professional network and Facebook for personal space with the exception of some business-related groups, pages, and some professional connections who are also friends….We are quite comfortable sending emails on LinkedIn network but are we comfortable in sending message to Facebook network? The answer is NO. Many people doesn’t want any job related message on their Facebook profile as this place consider for their friends and family..So what we can do without disturbing their personal space? So here is one option to send message directly to their email address  which registered with their Facebook profile …Please see below the steps…It’s really working.

How to Send an Email to a Facebook User

You simply send it to the @facebook address and it’s forwarded to the email address that is registered with the accountThat’s it!

The first time that forwarding happens, the user will also receive a reminder about the @facebook email.

The @facebook email can be disabled in the preferences, in which case this technique will not work, but I imagine that very few people will do that. The majority of users never touch their default preferences.

How to Find a Facebook User’s @facebook.com Email Address

When you look at a user’s profile, it will either have a custom URL


– in which case the email is going to be <the-custom-part>@ facebook.com (for the example above it’s mrmartinle@facebook.com) –

or, in case the custom URL was never set, it will look like this:

https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id= <ID here>


– in which case the email is going to be <ID>@ facebook.com (for the example above it’s 100008409428014@facebook.com).

Reference Taken: by Irina Shamaeva

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